How To Create A Customer Survey That Benefits Your Business

You will never know exactly what customers want unless you ask, right?

Collecting valuable information about your business from customers is crucial to improving the performance of your restaurant, café or retail store.

Surveys help businesses understand customer habits and improve marketing strategy.


How can social wifi help survey your customers?


It’s a simple trade off. Customers fill out your survey, in return they receive access to your guest wifi. It’s a win win for both parties involved.

Use the SugarWiFi intuitive dashboard to start surveying your customers today via guest wifi!

Create a customisable survey for your customers to answer before accessing your Guest WiFi.

Ask yes or no questions, rate products out of 5 stars or implement multiple choice answers. The options are endless.



What questions should be asked before customers access the guest wifi?


  • Ways to improve the customer experience
  • Favorite food/drink/item available
  • How do customers find out about a new business like yours

Implementing the feedback received in these three categories allows business to improve overall customer experience, inventory available and marketing tactics to drive new customers to a venue.

Here is a great case study from survey monkey detailing how a local pub and brewery leveraged surveys to improve marketing.

Want to learn more about Social WiFi Marketing? Download the FREE guide today.

Want to learn more about Social WiFi Marketing? Download the FREE guide today.