Track a customers journey as they walk around a mall or store. Know exactly which stores get the most foot traffic per day and what percentage of this traffic enters a venue and converts into customers. Learn which stores repeat customers frequent most and how long they spend in them.



Capture the name, age, email and social interests of every customer that logs into the WiFi at your mall, store or retail venue. Gain a detailed understanding of who your repeat customers are, which days of the week are most popular, and what time of the day your venue is most crowded. Pinpoint your mall, store or retail venues exact demographics and most popular age range.



Access to real-time marketing information means that malls, shops, and retail venues can send out personalized offers and vouchers to customers at specific times via email marketing. Offers can even be triggered according to the number of times a person has visited the venue, so loyalty can be rewarded with a special discount. For example, venues could a 25% shopping discount for frequent visitors.

Grow Ecommerce Traffic And Bridge Offline Marketing

“We were looking for a software to better understand the visitors who come by to PickJunction’s experiential centres and to build a database where we can easily send these group of visitors updates on new product launches or deals. SugarWifi is just what we needed. The set up was hassle-free with the help of the SugarWiFi team and after-sales support is very prompt! Cheers to the team at SugarWifi for providing such great solutions!”

Elsie Toh - Business Manager, LHN Group

Some of the best malls and retails venues leveraging SugarWiFi

The PickJunction Retail Case Study