WiFi Marketing Campaigns

Improve Marketing ROI Via Automated Messaging

Send a discount to a specific customer a week before their birthday.

Reward customer loyalty based on number of visits

Communicate to customers inside or outside of your venue in real time

Incentivise at risk customers to return to your business with a specific promotion

Redirect customers to your website to increase online retail sales

Push customers to enroll in your loyalty programs and download of your loyalty apps

Build A Detailed Customer Database

  • Capture detailed customer insights such as name, age, email, gender and social interests.


  • Understand customers as individuals with Social WiFi Marketing.


  • Leverage automated marketing to engage and communicate with customers.


  • Gather customer demographics and social interests to focus your marketing strategies.

Offline To Online Marketing

  • Bridge the offline to online marketing gap and increase the unique website traffic to online retail platforms.


  • Drive customers to your eCommerce website with a guest wifi redirect.


  • Target the URL redirect to send different customer demographics to specific landing pages on your website.

Send Targeted Email Promotions

  • Engage customers with targeted automated email marketing campaigns.


  • Hyper-target specific customer segments with the data that is collected when customers log into your guest WiFi.


  • Leverage UTM tags and Facebook pixels to create targeted social media advertising on Facebook and Google Ads.


  • Track ROI of marketing campaigns via the social wifi dashboard.

Survey Your Customers

  • Understand your customer’s specific interests and needs using a guest wifi survey.


  • Gather actionable information from customers who support your restaurant, retail or mall business.


  • Find out what customers like and do not like so that you can improve your business.

Drive Loyalty App Downloads

  • Increase the adoption of your customer loyalty app for retail and mall locations.


  • Use WiFi URL redirects to push customers to the appropriate app store to download your application. Every iOS device is automatically sent to the App store. Alternatively, every Android device is automatically sent to the Google play store.

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