Providing free Social WiFi makes it easy for visitors to share their experience of your event with their friends on social media. The Guest WiFi would easily support video and photo uploads to Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. This is a great way to spread the word to create a real buzz and increase the reach of the social reach of your event.



Capture the name, age, email and social interests of every attendee that logs into the Event WiFi at your event. Gain a detailed understanding of who your customers are, what types of music and brands they like. Send them targeted marketing messages on behalf of your sponsors



Allow major sponsors to pay to customize the Social WiFi splash page with their logo to improve their brand recognition.Ask thousands of festival attendees to LIKE the sponsor Facebook before accessing the WiFi.Rename the SSID and create a custom URL redirect to send thousands of festival attendees to their e-commerce platform or website of their choosing.

Build Brand Awareness With A Detailed Customer Database

“Working with SugarWifi helped us create greater awareness of our network It also allowed us to showcase our network and strengthen our brand as the best telco option for data. We utilized Circles.Life SIM Cards to power up the data hotspots and that contributed to creating a captive audience at our roadshows. Increasing our email database by 10% on these days as a result. ”
Carrie Sim - Community Manager, Circles.Life

Some of the best Events and Music Festivals leveraging SugarWiFi

 Circles.Life Case Study