Circles.Life Leverages SugarWiFi So Customers #NeverRunOutOfData

Circles.Life Leverages SugarWiFi So Customers #NeverRunOutOfData

The Circles.Life marketing team enlisted SugarWiFi to provide a robust and reliable Data Hotspot experience with seamless social login and detailed analytics for its Circles.Life Data Truck and Roadshows in 2016 and 2017.

A HotSpot with the SSSID #NeverRunOutOfData was created along with a branded HTML splash page. People who visited Circles.Life Roadshows or Data Trucks were incentivised to login into the data hotspot, like their Facebook page and redirected to a sign up page, to receive a free donut or coffee.

Users lounged in their data chairs, surfed the web, streamed youtube videos, and accessed their social media with out worrying about using up their precious data.

“Working with SugarWifi helped us create greater awareness of our network It also allowed us to showcase our network and strengthen our brand as the best telco option for data. We utilized Circles.Life SIM Cards to power up the data hotspots and that contributed to creating a captive audience at our roadshows. Increasing our email database by 10% on these days as a result. ” – Carrie Sim, Community Manager

As a result Circles.Life grew their marketing database by hundreds of prospective customers.. Converted a number of these SugarWiFi users into paying Circles.Life Telco subscribers. Gained a detailed understanding of types of people attending their events. The most popular age range being 25 – 34 year olds, of which 57% were Male.

Circle.Life and SugarWiFi will continue to partner together in 2017 providing a robust and reliable data hotspot experience with seamless social login in Singapore.


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