Improve The Shopper Experience With Guest WiFi

When shoppers connect to your WiFi in a mall, it’s important for you to connect with them, as well.

Turning your WiFi into social wifi allows you to build loyalty, improves sales, and capture consumer behavior data that you would otherwise miss out on.

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Imagine you are shopping:

You are in a mall, looking for the perfect christmas gift. You walk by a storefront and see a ton of candy in the window display. As you walk into the candy shop, you look down at your phone to see if they offer WiFi. Sweet! You find their network name and it’s free, so you connect.

A Splash Page appears and you’re given $10 off your bill for logging in. You find the most awesome gift bag of candy. Before paying for it you decide to see what else there is in the store. Why not? The discount is only good for today.

So you’ve decided that you wanted to stay in touch with the candy store. You see that they sent you an email with a coupon to come back and get 10% off your next purchase. A few weeks pass and you return to the candy shop to use it.

A week later, you go back to the store and buy more candy. On this third visit, when you enter the candy shop, your phone pings with a message saying, “Thanks for satisfying your sweet tooth! Enjoy 30% off today for making your 3rd visit to the candy shop!” You’re happy to be rewarded for your loyalty. You let your friends know on your social media channels, so that they can enjoy the same discounts.

So what are you waiting for? Turn your store into a sweet spot and reward your customers today!

Want to learn more about Social WiFi Marketing? Download the FREE guide today.

Want to learn more about Social WiFi Marketing? Download the FREE guide today.