3 Benefits Of Social WiFi Marketing For Restaurants

3 Benefits Of Social WiFi Marketing For Restaurants

Most restaurants spend upwards of $1,000+ per year for their WiFi. In addition to that they give it away to customers for free!

SugarWiFi can turn your business WiFi into a social wifi marketing platform, converting a business cost into a business profit.

Two way’s that Social wifi marketing can benefit your restaurant:

  1. Collect valuable information about your customers when they sign into your Sugar WiFi using their social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn)
  2. Prompt customers to follow/like/check-in to your restaurant’s Facebook page


These capabilities are called WiFi marketing, and they improve your marketing ROI using WiFi to capture Social Interests.


“86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions” – (Infosys)


For restaurants, Sugar WiFi marketing helps your business build targeted customer email marketing lists. This allows your restaurant to deliver targeted marketing messages to customers’ smartphones.


“61% of customers look for Wi-Fi in Restaurants” – (Tweak Your Biz)


Your restaurants provides Sugar WiFi to it’s customers. In return you get to build an email marketing database and capture social interests from those customers that access your network via their social media account.


Here is an Example of how Sugar WiFi works in your restaurant:


Becky comes into your restaurant for the first time and signs into your Sugar WiFi using her Facebook account. You now know her name, age, email, social interests and phone number associated with her Facebook profile.

After she finishes her meal, she leaves the restaurant. Becky receives an automated email directly to her smartphone saying “Thanks for Dining with us! Come back this Friday and enjoy our 1 for 1 margarita night.”

Sure enough, Becky returns to your restaurant with a friend next Friday to enjoy your great happy hour deal. When she leaves your restaurant after enjoying her margaritas , Becky gets an automated email to her smartphone saying “Enjoy your weekend, enjoy some truffle fries on us next visit!”

As a result you continue to see Becky at your restaurant on Friday’s for margaritas.

Want to learn more about Social WiFi Marketing? Download the FREE guide today.

Want to learn more about Social WiFi Marketing? Download the FREE guide today.