How To Market To Customers Using WiFi

How To Market To Customers Using WiFi

WiFi Marketing is a passive method of advertising to mobile devices logged into a Guest WiFi network at any business location. The purpose of wifi marketing is to communicate a message or piece of content directly to customers inside your establishment or potential customers located within range of your guest wifi network.


In order to access this wifi network a trade off occurs between the user and the business that owns the wifi network. The wifi users accesses the free guest wifi network via a social media login or form requiring basic information such as name and email address. Technically, this is called a Captive Portal Login, where a customer is shown a splash page. To learn how to design an effective splash page you can read this article.


A splash page is the first level of marketing that can be executed via a guest wifi network. It serves as a Call To Action (CTA) for the customer. An example  CTA could be “Login for 10% off your first purchase”, incentivising the potential customer to swap their personal details for a access to the wifi network, and prompting them to purchase an item to receive the discount.


Collecting personal data is step one. Step two of the marketing journey redirects a customer to a landing page. A landing page functions as digital billboard where a business can advertise products, services, offers, promotions or information related to your business.


The final step of wifi marketing requires communicating a message to customers automatically via a triggered email. If you’d like to begin marketing to your customers via your WiFi network, SugarWiFi can help your business do so.

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