A Splash Page Guide: Template For An Effective Social WiFi Landing Page

A Splash Page Guide: Template For An Effective Social WiFi Landing Page

Want to get the most out of Social WiFi? Follow our best practices to create the most effective splash page for your business.


1.  How do you want your customers to sign in?

Start off by asking yourself the question, “What information would I like to capture when my customers login into my guest wifi?”

If your answer is name and email, then a basic email registration form would be best. However, if you’d like detailed customer insights such as name, age, gender, email and social interests then Facebook login is the way to go.

We recommend both a Facebook and email login. Make sure these login buttons are easily accessible and stand out. Don’t make your customers scroll down the splash page to access your guest wifi.

Following these two simple steps allows your business to build a detailed customer database. At the same time customers will be happy, because they have a choice when logging into your social wifi.


2.  Brand Your Splash Page

A splash page is the first level of interaction with your customers when they sign into the WiFi. It should represent your brand and what you stand for. Make sure to include your company logo. Put it at the top so that it is easily recognisable and wifi users do not need to scroll down to see it.

Next, choose an enticing background image that reflects your brand, such as a photo of your best dish.


3. Entice Customers With An Offer or Promotion

Your splash page is a digital billboard. Don’t let it go to waste. Use it to let customers know there is a promotion or sale occurring at your business.

Place your call to action below your company logo, in the center of the splash page. This will make it highly visible to your wifi users.

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