How Does WiFi Marketing Software Benefit Restaurants?

Every day hundreds of people walk into restaurants with wifi enabled devices. More than half connect to restaurant guest wifi. Don’t you want a wifi solution for restaurants?


Restaurant WiFi Marketing allows your restaurant to interact with your customers smartphones by capturing their emails to leverage for social wifi marketing.


A customer logs into your restaurant guest wifi network with the social wifi login of their choosing. In doing so they opt into receiving marketing messages from your restaurant and their email is captured via the social wifi.

Drives sales and increase revenue for your Restaurant by leveraging social wifi customer analytics to segment your email marketing campaigns. 

The first step is targeting your marketing message by gender. For example, your restaurant has a cocktail promotion for the month of May for Negronis and Daiquiris after work from 7 – 9pm.

Men would receive the promotional information about Negronis and women will receive the promotional information about Daiquiris.

Next you want to narrow down your audience by age range. In this case men between the ages of 21-35 and women ages 21-35 would receive your marketing message.

In this example we’ve excluded restaurant customers that are below the legal drinking age and older customers who are less likely to be interested on drinking during a the week after work.

The benefit of personalising your promotions via a restaurant wifi solution like Sugar WiFi is that you can target people who are more likely to enjoy and respond to the information you are sending them about your restaurant.


This in turn increases the effectiveness of your restaurant marketing and drives sales at your business.


Are you interested in personalising your restaurant marketing with Social WiFi?

Want to learn more about Social WiFi Marketing? Download the FREE guide today.

Want to learn more about Social WiFi Marketing? Download the FREE guide today.