Social WiFi Improves Customer Experience At Events

Social WiFi Improves Customer Experience At Events

How Can Social WiFi Improves Customer Experience At Events?

Have you ever been to a music festival like Ultra, Coachella or Lollapalooza or large event and tried to make a phone call or send an SMS and it doesn’t work?

You can’t locate your friends or upload your photos and videos to your Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Basically your epic experience isn’t really happening because no one knows about it?!

This massive annoyance is a result of the cell network at the event being overloaded with too many people trying to use their smartphones in the same way that you are.

Guess what? Event WiFi can fix this problem!

How? It’s simple, let me explain.

You provide Social WiFi Analytics through the event wifi sweet spots at designated areas across your music festival or event.

Attendees login to your Event WiFi with a social wifi login such as Facebook and like or follow the festival or Facebook event page to use the WiFi.

This offloads massive amounts of data traffic from cell towers to the Event WiFi network at the event. Improving the experience of the people at your event that use a Social WiFi Solution for a seamless login experience.

Allowing attendees to extend the marketing reach of your festival or event through their social media posts via social wifi marketing.

You also learn exactly who your customers are through their social media profiles. Name, Age, Gender, Email and Social Interests.

According to AEG Live 93% of festival-goers said theylike brands that sponsor music events, 80% said they were more likely to recommend a brand on social media if they saw it at a festival, and 55% said that they would be more likely to purchase a product after seeing it at Coachella or a similar music festival.

Use guest wifi analytics to personalise your marketing campaigns towards festival goers to improve brand recognition and increase sales.

Finally, invite all your attendees back the next year who used the Event WiFi via automated marketing campaigns and promote other events or festivals.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to make your festival or event a sweeter experience.

Want to learn more about Social WiFi Marketing? Download the FREE guide today.

Want to learn more about Social WiFi Marketing? Download the FREE guide today.