Dutch Colony Coffee Implements Social WiFi Across All Outlets

Dutch Colony Coffee Implements Social WiFi Across All Outlets

Dutch Colony Coffee management engaged SugarWiFi to create the Guest WiFi experience across their three coffee shop locations. The goal,  create a seamless WiFi experience for customers, using a social or form login. The Dutch Colony Coffee Guest WiFi network couples Cisco Meraki Access Points with SugarWiFi Social WiFi Analytics and Marketing Software delivering a reliable and secure WiFi network for their customers.

Dutch Colony Coffee aims to leverage Social WiFi Analytics to provide customers with the best possible experience at their coffee shops.

“SugarWiFi has provided a solution for our customer needs in terms of reliability and ease of connecting to the network. How many times you have to deal with, do you have wi-fi and what’s your wi-fi password questions? At the same time, it improves our marketing and customer engagement through targeted marketing updates through SugarWiFi” – Atan Chua, Owner – Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

SugarWiFi Marketing helps Dutch Colony Coffee build a detailed customer database and communicate promotions with them. Customers who log into the DCC Free WiFi network are redirected to a specific promotional landing page.

If you’d like to learn more about Dutch Colony Coffee check out their website.

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