Creating a branded splash page is now easier to customize than ever before. It’s the first thing customers will see when they log in to the WiFi. The splash page can be personalized with your logo, company branding and current offers.



Capture the name, age, email and social interests of every customer that logs into the WiFi at your business. Gain a detailed understanding of who your repeat customers are, which days of the week are most popular, and what time during the day your venue is most crowded. Pinpoint your restaurant, bar or cafes exact demographics and most popular age range.



Access to real-time marketing information means that restaurants, bars and cafes can send out personalized offers and vouchers to customers at specific times via an e-shot. Offers can even be triggered according to the number of times a person has visited the restaurant, so loyalty can be rewarded with a special discount. For example, restaurants could offer a bottle of wine on the house for frequent visitors or encourage them to try a new dish on the menu.

Social Reach

Grow your social media following by requesting customers like or follow your page before logging into the WiFi network.

Customer Loyalty

Remind customers to return to your venue on their birthdays. Reward them with automated coupons after they have visited your venue a certain amount of times.

Update Customers

Notify specific customers there is a menu change or a drink special based on their interests. Invite customers to a monthly event at your restaurant, bar or cafe.

Da Paolo Group Case Study

Want to turn your Wifi into a sales-generating tool?