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"SugarWiFi has enabled The Providore to widen its marketing database. Its user-friendly interface has been great in helping us understand user patterns and behaviour."

Samantha Koh, Marketing Manager
Samantha Koh, Marketing Manager The Providore

“SugarWiFi has provided a solution for our customer needs in term of reliability and ease of connecting to the network. At the same time, it improves our marketing and customer engagement through targeted marketing updates through the platform.”

Atan Chua, Founder
Atan Chua, Founder Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

"We were looking for a software to better understand the visitors who come by to PickJunction's experiential centres and to build a database where we can easily send these group of visitors updates on new product launches or deals. SugarWifi is just what we needed. The set up was hassle-free with the help of  SugarWiFi team and after-sales support is very prompt! Cheers to the team at SugarWifi for providing such great solutions!"

Elsie Teo, Business Manager
Elsie Teo, Business Manager LHN Group

Some Of The Best Restaurants & Retailers Leveraging SugarWiFi

  • Seamless Login

    Logging in to your guest WiFi is simple and straightforward for your customers. No more wasting time asking for passwords

  • Grow Your CRM

    Build a detailed customer list adding thousands of new customers to your marketing database. Increase customer loyalty and grow your campaign reach.

  • Targeted Marketing

    Engage with your customers by automating targeted marketing campaigns leveraging specific customer demographics.

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you